£5,000 By Design


0 Comments Apr 11, 2016 Blog, Branding, Marketing, Print Design, Web

Everything you need to know about Scottish Enterprise’s new grant

Success comes by design. Whether you’re steeling yourself to build the world’s largest equine sculptures or carving out a career creating candles, great design can mean the difference between setting the world alight and fizzling out. Here’s the good news: the By Design grant from Scottish Enterprise could give you up to £5,000 to help design new products, websites, packaging or services – all things, you might have noticed, that we’re pretty darn good at!

We know what you’re thinking – you’re going to have to spend days filling forms that delve so deep into your finances that there’s a section on pocket money investment. Fear not – the By Design application can be completed in around thirty minutes. That’s a potential £5,000 to get your ideas off the ground, looking good (did we mention we can help with that?) and out in the world for the same time investment as watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. We know what we’d choose…

So, who can apply?

  • VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and Islands) looking to develop new products or services
  • You must be able to contribute at least 30% of the cost
  • You must be able to fund the project up front
  • You must be able to demonstrate the benefits of the project
  • While you don’t have to be trading, you do have to be VAT registered, and be able to describe how the grant will help take your product or service to market
  • If you’re a social enterprise company, you can still apply as long as you are trading and VAT registered.

If you tick those boxes, you could have £5,000 that you can use for everything from designing a new product or website to commissioning expert advice or research. That’s where we come in. From web design that elicits wows to branding that burns itself into the minds of your customers, we can help send your fledgling ideas soaring and make sure you get as much bang for your budget as possible.

If that sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, take a gander at the Scottish Enterprise website or, if you fancy learning more about how we can help, drop us a line.